15-799 :: Special Topics in Database Systems

15-799 :: Special Topics in Database Systems

Fall 2013

  • Instructor: Andy Pavlo
  • Time: Mon/Wed 12:00 - 1:20
  • Location: NSH 3002

Special Topics in Database Systems

Big Ideas. Big Money. Big Data.

This is a seminar course that will explore the new technologies and research at the foundation of the "Big Data" movement. We will discuss topics related to the problem of managing and using large-scale data sets, including high-velocity transaction processing, stream processing, real time analytics, and high-volume data processing. The discussions will focus on several real-world application domains, such as Internet advertising, health care, and social network analysis.

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End of Semester

The final projects are all turned in. The course is over. Nobody in the class got shot (that I know about). You can view all of the projects on the Final Project Showcase.

We would like to give a special thanks to Amazon for providing us with AWS resources through an educational grant.

Final Projects

  • Final project presentations start next Monday. Each team should prepare a 20 minute talk about the findings and results of their project.
  • The final project report is due at midnight on Friday December 13th. Please see the syllabus for information on the expected content and format.


  • Class picks back up on Monday. We've gotten through the background papers and are now going to start reading papers about actual systems.
  • Your project proposals are due Monday October 7th. You all should have an idea by now roughly what you want to work on. I've already met with some of you. Please email me if you are still looking for a partner or a project idea.

Room Change & Wait List Info

  • The first day of class will be on Monday September 9th.
  • The room has been changed to Newell Simon Hall Room #3002.
  • If you have been wait listed on the course, please come to the first day of class and talk to me about enrolling.

Welcome to 15-799

Welcome to the course webpage for 15-799 "Special Topics in Database Systems". This is a seminar course that will cover a new emerging class of parallel and distributed database management systems that are super-charged for modern "Big Data" workloads.

NOTE: The course is incorrectly listed in the catalog as Special Topics in Operating Systems Engineering. The correct course title is Special Topics in Database Systems.

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